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Goldratt Research Labs offers the following value-added services to the private and public sector:

Research Partnerships Icon 1. Research Partnerships
The objective of a research project normally includes quantifying the extent and system wide consequences of a business problem, identifying the most likely root causes, developing a simple and robust TOC based solution to address these causes, and validating and improving on these through implementation of “proof-of-concept” pilots. Research projects can be done on a daily fee basis for on-site and off-site research and support, and/or be results-based where a significant part of the fees is conditional on actual results achieved.

Examples of past research projects can be found in the “CASE STUDIES” section and includes research objectives such as “Finding a solution to shortages and surpluses within book publishing”, “How to implement TOC within a standard ERP system like SAP” and “How to apply TOC to help key stakeholders within City Councils in Africa contribute in providing (much) better basic services with the same resources in less time.”

Strategy Development & Problem Solving/Decision Making Workshops Icon 2. Strategy Development & Problem Solving/Decision Making Workshops
Goldratt Research Labs have developed a number of unique workshops for management teams. In the VIABLE VISION AND ODYSSEY CHANGE MAKER WORKSHOPS, an experienced GRL Business Strategy and Theory of Constraint expert will guide the management through the process to set a highly ambitious but possible target (called a Viable Vision); to identify the decisive competitive edges (DCEs) necessary for achieving a level of profitable previously considered unrealistic and then to identify what changes will be necessary and sufficient to build, capitalize on and sustain these decisive competitive edges (DCEs). During such a workshop, attendees will use GRL’s award winning HARMONY Change Maker APP, custom developed by GRL, to facilitate and accelerate the process to help leadership teams design, validate, plan and monitor implementation of their strategies.

In the ODYSSEY DECISION MAKER WORKSHOP, attendees at all levels of the organization will learn how to apply the ProConCloud method to resolve any problem or decision they are facing with an innovative win:win solution and/or to learn from past decision mistakes to identify limiting assumptions/beliefs that can cause people to make and often repeat bad decisions. During such a workshop, attendees will use GRL’s award winning HARMONY Decision Maker APP to guide attendees through the 5 Step ProConCloud method. Each step was designed to prevent 5 of the most common decision mistakes to help attendees make better AND faster decisions when it really matters. To learn more about this program, visit

TOC Project Implementation Audit Icon3. TOC Project Implementation Audit
Goldratt Research Labs can, on request, provide both on-site and off-site implementation auditing services (to support steering committees) to ensure the correct focus and full achievement of expected results in implementation the organizational Strategies and Tactics, and to assist in finding simple solutions for complexities and obstacles that frequently arise during implementation.

Value ERP Program Icon 4. Value ERP Program
Many organizations struggle with capitalizing on the full value that can and should be achieved from implementing an ERP system. Over the past five years, Goldratt Research Labs have developed a unique process that will ensure that organizations considering implementing or upgrading their ERP systems will achieve maximum value in the shortest possible time Examples of how this approach benefited organizations such as ABB and Daiwa House can be viewed in the Case Studies section (in RESOURCES)

Equity Partnerships Icon 5. Equity Partnerships
Goldratt Research Labs also offers, as one of its new business models, the opportunity to exchange our unique knowledge and services for equity in businesses that could benefit from these, to help accelerate the successful commercialization of their innovative technologies that can benefit industries managing scarce resources such as energy, health, agriculture and mining.